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Waverley Christian College
Web Design and Photography

Waverley Christian College

Website Design and Photography

Waverley Christian College was one of the first school websites we designed over 15 years ago, and as the school has grown and added an extra campus, we've redesigned and refreshed the college's site three times, ensuring it grows with the school.

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Christian College Photographer
Christian Photographer for schools

Web Design

School photos on a website are usually updated every 2 to 3 years. Any longer and the students in the photos may have left the school or grown significantly. So every couple of years we'll spend a morning photographing their students then update the website with the new images.

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School Event Photography

In addition to promotional photography that we've done at both campuses over the years, we've also photographed a number of their musical performances. We then set up a photo gallery for parents to purchase these photos, allowing the college to recoop the photography fee.

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