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Canterbury Primary School is located in the leafy suburb of Canterbury, and they wanted a website design that was simple, complementing their natural surroundings. Their round logo prompted the inclusion of curved shapes throughout the design (and because pointy corners aren't great for kids!). The result is a simple, fun, yet functional website that is appropriate for a primary school.

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We had the idea of creating a simple illustration on the homepage of children playing. Carly, the school's principal, suggested the illustration be of their Friendship Tree. A great idea, which now features as a subtle animated graphic on their homepage.

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Canterbury Primary School have a talented photographer within their school community so they provided us with all the photos that appear on their website. They therefore didn't require our photography services which reduced the project cost.

If you already have professional photos of your school, we'll gladly work with those. In some cases, we've helped schools purchase camera equipment and run photography training courses so that their staff can update their own website with quality images.

The point is, we do more than just build websites, so give us a call today and let's discuss your web, photo and video requirements.

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